Concorsi Fotografici – Photo Contest – 02

Ecco un’altra foto inviata ad un concorso. In questo caso la foto è stata realizzata espressamente per il contest e non è stata scelta tra foto già scattate. Il titolo è “Generazioni” e ha partecipato al concorso “Diamoci una mano” indetto dalla rivista on-line Blog3.

Here is another photo sent to a contest. In this case the photo was made specifically for the contest and wasn’t chose among the photos already taken. The title is “Generations” and participated to the on-line blog3 magazine’s contest.

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12 Responses to Concorsi Fotografici – Photo Contest – 02

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  2. Colline says:

    I love this one – showing all generations working together for a common goal.

    • badflea says:

      Thanks Colline! Your lovely comment is an honour to me because you feel the right mood of the photo and it means I have worked in the right way!!!

  3. Wonderful. Different hands of age, wonderful.

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