Weekly Photo Challenge: Unusual

Sono sempre stato abituato a vedere le strisce bianche nel cielo, quelle lasciate dagli aerei che volano in alta quota per intenderci. A volte ho visto delle scie delle pattuglie acrobatiche che erano colorate… ma solo a Melbourne ho visto stampato nel cielo una scritta con tanto di smile e cuore!!! Continuo a non capire come possano aver fatto….

I used to see the white lines in the sky, you know, the ones left by planes flying at high altitude. Sometimes I saw colored  stripes by aerobatic teams … but only in Melbourne I saw a printed sky with written, smile and heart! I’m still trying to understand how they did it ….

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4 Responses to Weekly Photo Challenge: Unusual

  1. This is definitely a different sky. Some small planes are “skywriting” planes. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Skywriting They are equipped with pressurized smoke and are able to turn it on and off to create letters, numbers and shapes depending upon where they fly. In the USA, for a while back in the 70s and 80s a number of people proposed through sky writing. At a specified period of time the plane would write “Will You Marry Me?” and the guy would take his sweetheart out to see the “unusual” sky.

  2. Jo Bryant says:

    love this post – i’d like to know how they did it as well

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