Street Art

Oggi street art grazie a Valeria che mi ha girato questa foto come spunto per il blog. Girando con lo sguardo verso il cielo ha scovato queste targhe in un corso di Milano. Trovo la street art una forma d’arte estremamente interessante, quando puoi è intelligente come in questo caso credo vada incoraggiata senza riserve.

Today street art, thanks to Valeria  that  taken this photo as inspiration for the blog. Turning her eyes toward sky she has found these plaques in Milan’s road. I think street art is an very interesting art and when it’s as smart as the one in the photo I think we have to encouraged it without reservation.

Note: It’s hard to explain in english the tricks in the photo.The central plaque is the right one.
The top one is a rebus where street name is drawn. In italian “Porta” means Door – the first drawing- and “cinese” mean chinese (Yes the second drawing). In the middle the “T” letter.
The bottom plaque means “Irony street and… apathy goes away!” written in rhyme

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4 Responses to Street Art

  1. Patrizia M. says:

    Concordo, soprattutto quando intelligentemente viene fatta senza rovinare nulla, come invece fanno tanti che chiamano arte ciò che imbratta monumenti, palazzi antichi ed altro.

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