Weekly Photo Challenge: Photowalk

La nostra amica Bibi cammina tra la vita quotidiana della gente dei campi di riso del Vietnam del Nord in cerca di ispirazione.

Our friend Bibi walks through the daily life of people in the rice fields of North Vietnam in search of inspiration.

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6 Responses to Weekly Photo Challenge: Photowalk

  1. Chareen says:

    Popping over from dPS
    Love the green fields and little kids in their daily living 🙂

  2. tokyohamster says:

    Great photo! Was there a river nearby? Is that why they’re holding fishing rods? I’ve been wanting to go to Vietnam for awhile now! How long did you stay there?

    • badflea says:

      There was a stream. They were fishing but when they saw us with cameras have begun to jump into the water more funny ways possible to be photographed … It was a funny moment!
      I have been in Vietnam three weeks and I only visited the north.

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