Ritorno a scuola – Back to school


La mia prima lezione di giapponese….

My first Japanese lesson….

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12 Responses to Ritorno a scuola – Back to school

  1. terbar75 says:

    E com’è andata? 🙂

    • badflea says:

      Ahhhhhhh!!!! Davvero spiazzante….ma estremamente stimolante! L’impressione delle prime due lezioni è decisamente forte. La lingua è complicata ma decisamente affascinante: sarà dura ma ne vale la pena!

  2. tokyohamster says:

    What a great perspective! And wow – you’re already reading a lot of Japanese!

  3. Dauw says:

    Nice picture. Japanese characters are so esthetic. Succes with your lessons =)

  4. kz says:

    watashi mo nihongo o benkyoushimasu. ganbatte kudasai! ^^

    • badflea says:

      Haha….And what’s the feeling? For me it’s really hard…I study and study and study….I did only one month and my “sensei” is running fast!!!
      Tks to visit my blog!

      • kz says:

        it’s ok you’ll learn the alphabet really really quick ^^ i’m gonna take my JLPT in 5 days waahh wish me luck 😉

      • badflea says:

        I’m so sorry…. I was very busy….what’s going on with your Japanese course? Mine it’s hard…

      • kz says:

        just took the N5 JLPT exams. it was pretty easy.. what level are you now in?^^ be sure to memorize a few basic kanji ^^

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